At PurpleClick, we make online marketing easy. Whether you are new to this digital marketing or have been using it for quite some time, we will provide you with the things you need to succeed and grow your business. A trusted Digital Advertising agency in the Philippines that can help you stay competitive in your industry.


In an increasingly competitive market place, it is important to promote your business right. Search engine marketing is one effective advertising medium to increase brand awareness, and eventually grow your business.

It gives you the opportunity to put your ad, content or website in front of targeted customers when they're searching for related products or services on search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing and Baidu).


About 80 to 90 per cent of customers check online reviews before making a purchase, and this number shows no sign of slowing down. This makes search engine optimization a valuable tool in getting your business found.
It is a cost-effective tool compared to the expenses associated with other traditional marketing tactics.


Display advertising is perfect for generating awareness about your brand to a wide audience, whether local or global. Banners come in a variety of sizes and formats likely to capture your customer's attention.


Nothing grabs attention more than a compelling story and there’s no better way to do that than through a video. Connect to people in a unique way – convey emotions and sounds through video to ensure you messages are seen and heard.


Social media marketing is now commonplace and has become one of the most important ingredients for a successful marketing campaign. And in a country like the Philippines where social media penetration among internet users is almost at 100%, no business can afford to ignore it as a key marketing channel.


With mobile internet penetration in the Philippines growing daily, more and more Filipinos are surfing the internet primarily from their phones. Chances are, that's where a large chunk of your market is. 

Stuck in traffic? Long queue at the grocery? Or simply sitting at a coffee shop between meetings - out come the handy phones to search for whatever comes to mind or even just to while away the time. The trick is catching them exactly when they're most open to your message.


Even with the best ads and most refined targeting available, you can still lose a possible customer if your website isn't optimized. 

To further help our clients make the most out of their digital advertising campaigns, we offer FREE websites built specifically to meet the brand's objectives. 

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