Mobile Ads

Mobile Advertising

As of 2017, 61% of the adult population in the Philippines owns a smartphone and constantly use it to search for information and products on the go. 

Mobile marketing allows you to reach a highly targeted audience and have direct marketing communication with a variety of different customer groups. It is approximately 5X more effective than the average email marketing campaign. This then translates to less media waste and a higher return on investment!

Connect with your customers and have an effective two-way communication channel.

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Ad Platforms for your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Key Benefits of Mobile Advertising

Your customers may not always have access to a computer, but chances are they’ll have their smartphones with them all the time.

Greater Connection
Our phones are often used to stay in touch with friends and family. You can be a part of this process and create a sense of intimacy with your customer that leads to loyalty and more business for you.

Cost Effective
Reach out to your target audience for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional media platforms such as TV & Radio.

Instantaneous Results
The mobile phone is a portable device thus the chances of users looking at your ads are almost instant, providing real-time results. 

Looking for a Customized Solution?

360 Digital Marketing Strategy
A 360 Digital Strategy is suitable for companies who are keen to target a wider audience using a collection of platforms available.

At PurpleClick, we believe that companies benefit the most from a customisable suite of digital solutions that can fulfil their business vision and goals.

Get in touch with us today and let us work out a comprehensive 360 Digital Strategy together with you!
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