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Reach out to Phillennials through Spotify. 71% of listeners in the Philippines are 17 to 34 years old. It's the new radio, but with targeting!

From music and podcasts to the everyday and overheard, sound surrounds us. PurpleClick can help plug audio into your marketing mix with consumer insights, expert takes and creative tips.

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Spotify Ads come in a variety of formats to suit your campaign objectives.

Spotify Video Takeover
Video Takeover

Sponsor the ad break experience with video and display.
  • Video spot with companion display unit
  • Served during commercial ad breaks between songs in a music session
  • Currently available on desktop only
  • 100% share of voice
  • 100% viewable: video only served if desktop app is in view
  • Only completed views are billed
  • Companion display unit invites further engagement
Spotify Branded Moments
Branded Moments

Connect and engage with your target audience in real-time moments.
  • Reach your audience at the moment of highest relevance.
  • Bring your brand to life with an immersive vertical video.
  • Build brand love by unlocking 30 minutes of uninterrupted music.
  • Tell your brand’s story over a series of sequential displays with 100% SOV during the 30-minute session.
Spotify Sponsored Playlist
Sponsored Playlist

Align your brand with Spotify’s top franchise playlists.
  • Exclusive one week sponsorship of Spotify’s top owned & operated playlists.
  • Collaborative marketing plan to drive traffic into the Sponsored Playlist.
  • Exclusive and premium in-playlist branding & media.
Spotify Sponsored Sessions
Sponsored Sessions

Drive brand affinity by offering 30 minutes of ad-free listening.
  • Offer your audience uninterrupted listening in exchange for a video view
  • Currently available on mobile and tablet devices
  • Users are served an offer for 30 minutes of ad-free listening via a title card
  • User must complete video spot to receive reward
  • Only completed views are billed
  • Branded end card invites further engagement
Spotify Audio Ads
Audio Ads

Reach highly engaged Spotify users with audio ads across devices and platforms.
  • Served during commercial ad breaks between songs in a music session
  • Spotify displays an ad image in the Cover Art area and a clickable Campaign Name & Advertiser for users to click on.
  • No long audioblocks: 30-second ad every 15 minutes
Spotify Leaderboard

Leaderboard ads in the Spotify player are served when the user is interacting with Spotify.
  • Display ads are clickable images displayed for 30 seconds.
  • No other display ad is shown at the same time as yours.
  • Ads are 100% visible and will not serve if Spotify is minimized.
  • Leaderboard ads are only displayed on the desktop and web Spotify platforms.
Spotify Overlay

Welcome users back to Spotify with your brand message.

Overlay is Spotify's 'welcome back' ad. It greets returning users on mobile and desktop with a can't-be-missed, large display ad to maximize brand impact and performance.

Overlay ads work differently on desktop and mobile, to match user behavior.
Spotify Homepage Takeover
Homepage Takeover

Exclusive sponsorship of the Homepage for a day.
  • Homepage takeovers are a combination of a background skin and interactive area that takes over the Spotify homepage with 100% SOV.
  • Users can click on both the background image and the interactive area.
Spotify Branded Playlist
Branded Playlist

Custom playlists with brand logo, custom text, and optional link to your campaign.
  • Branded Playlists are Spotify playlists that contain a branded cover art image and text.
  • The playlist text can contain links to any webpage or Spotify content.
  • All Branded Playlists must have a minimum of 20 tracks.
  • There can only be one track per artist within the playlist.
Spotify Advertiser Page
Advertiser Page

Leverage Spotify’s platform to create a custom integrated campaign and showcase a microsite within the Spotify player.
  • Users click on any other type of ad to open the advertiser page.
  • Your page can display any content you’d find on a webpage, including videos, clickable images, blogs, news, links, and comments.
  • Blocks all other ads (except audio ads).

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